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Forex (Indicative Rate Only) :
  • Saudi Riya1 Buying27.31 Selling27.58
  • Qatari Riyal1 Buying28.08 Selling28.36
  • Chinese Yuan1 Buying15.12 Selling15.35
  • Korean Won100 Buying9.12 Selling9.21
  • Kuwaiti Dinar1 Buying333.57 Selling336.91
  • Bahrani Dinar1 Buying269.4 Selling272.09
  • Indian Rupees100 Buying160 Selling160.15
  • US Dollar 1 Buying102.55 Selling103.15
  • Euro1 Buying114.98 Selling116.86
  • British Pound1 Buying130.61 Selling133.17
  • Swiss Franc1 Buying105.07 Selling106.32
  • Australian Dollar1 Buying78.02 Selling79.23
  • Canadian Dollar1 Buying77.41 Selling78.34
  • Singapore Dollar1 Buying73.67 Selling74.55
  • Japanese Yen10 Buying9.33 Selling9.44
  • Swedish Kroner1 Buying11.59 Selling11.7
  • Denish Kroner1 Buying16.25 Selling16.41
  • Hongkong Dollar1 Buying13.12 Selling13.25
  • Thailand Baht1 Buying3.06 Selling3.12
  • UAE DIRHAM1 Buying27.93 Selling28.21
  • Malaysian Ringgit1 Buying24.06 Selling24.3
Gold Silver Rates :
  • Hallmark Gold : Tola58300 GMS (Grams)49985
  • Tejabi Gold : Tola58050 GMS (Grams)49770
  • Silver : Tola815 GMS (Grams)699

News & Notice


ASBA is an application mechanism for subscribing to initial public offers (IPO) and Further Public offers (FPO) that ensures that the applicant’s money remains in his/her bank account until the shares are allotted.


LBBL SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKERS ensure that the possessions that are precious to you are completely secured from all harm. Be it your property papers, contracts or the bejeweled family heirloom, just anything you regard valuable.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking allows banking transactions to be done through the bank’s website in the internet.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking enables the customers to access their accounts through their mobile phones in a secured manner.

Debit Card

With Lumbini Debit Card, you can have easy access to your nominated account maintained with Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited from any ATM location that spreads to more than 90 ATM Locations.