Normal Saving


This Product Paper states and defines process/procedures relating to Normal Saving Account.
Normal Saving Account is a deposit scheme designed to cater the saving needs of individuals. It is meant for those individuals who have a habit of saving from their earnings so that they can use it whenever they require.

Type of Deposit

Savings Deposit

Purpose of the Deposit

  • Increase the saving habits of people.
  • Increase our retail / saving deposit base
  • To reduce concentration on corporate and call deposit (comparatively volatile in nature)
  • Provide a savings deposit product with the simple and easy features to the ordinary deposit customers.

Eligibility/Target Group

  • Individual exceeding 16 years.
  • Non-Profit motive organization.


  • Minimum Balance to be maintained : NPR 100
  • Interest Rate: Interest on daily balance payable quarterly. The rate shall be decided by the Board of Directors of the bank. However, the rate of interest is subject to change depending on the market. (Click Here)
  • Tax on interest shall be levied as per prevailing Income Tax Act.


  • Free ABBS Facility
  • Free On demand account statement
  • Free Cheque Book


  • As per Operation Manual/KYC& AML Policy/ NRB Directives.