This Product Paper states and defines process/procedures related to “Lumbini Talab Khata”.
As the Nepal Government has approved the labor wage payment procedure, whereby salaries will have to be channelized through banks in the coming days. In the first phase, government staffs, including those employed in the provincial and local bodies, universities, state-owned enterprises, governmental committees and projects, among others, will receive their salary through banking channel.

Lumbini Talab Khata is a Saving Deposit product, which primarily targets to employees of government/non-government and other organized sector. This product has been designed to encourage employees to save money on regular basis on a lucrative saving account. This helps bank to enhance individual deposits by offering attractive interest rate in a savings account along with extra features/additional facilities.

This product targets all type of employees (Government/Non-Government) for saving.

Type of Product

Savings Deposit Account

Purpose of the Deposit

  • Increase the saving habits of employee of various organizations.
  • Increase our retail / saving deposit base.
  • To reduce concentration on corporate and call deposit.
  • To attract and accumulate sustainable deposits from employees.
  • Cross Selling of other products.

Benefits to the customer

  • Free ABBS Facility.
  • Free CASBA service.
  • Free Account Statement (Monthly one time).
  • Free Cheque Book.
  • Free Mobile Banking Facility.
  • Free Internet Banking Facility.
  • Free VISA Debit Card (Issuance Charge and renewal only)
  • 50% discount on Locker security deposit
  • Accidental Insurance up to NPR 500,000/- and Medical Insurance up to NPR 50,000/- (Hospitalization only)


  • Accounts can be opened in 0 balance.
  • Interest Rate: As per timely Interest Published by the Bank (Click Here)
    In the future, as per the Interest Rates decided by the competent authority of the Bank from time to time.
  • Interest payable Quarterly.
  • Tax on interest shall be levied as per prevailing Income Tax Act.
  • Minimum balance: NIL.

Eligibility/Target Group

  • Employees, Professionals and all types of salaried persons


  • Application Form
  • Identity Documents-
    • Citizenship Certificate,
    • Employees Identity Card,
    • 2 pieces of passport size photographs.
    • Recommendation form the Employer.
  • Others as per Operation Manual/KYC& AML Policy/ NRB Directives.

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